Blue Knit Boy Doll Underwear

$ 2.99

Ensure your 18" doll stays comfortable and snug with our Blue Knit Underwear. Made from soft, breathable material, these underwear are designed to keep your doll cozy all day.

Crafted with care, these blue knit underwear perfectly fit your doll, ensuring they stay in place during playtime and beyond. The versatile design makes them ideal for everyday wear, providing a comfortable base layer that can be easily paired with any outfit.

Whether your doll is lounging at home or out for a day of adventures, these blue knit underwear are the perfect choice. Their simple yet practical design ensures your doll stays comfortable and stylish no matter the occasion.

Upgrade your doll's wardrobe with these comfortable and versatile Blue Knit Underwear today. Order now and keep your doll feeling cozy and confident with every wear!

Designed to fit 18" dolls.