Ice Skates Light Pink w/ Fur Trim

$ 6.59

Add a burst of color to the ice rink with these delightful Light Pink Ice Skates adorned with cozy fur trim! Tailored for dolls with a passion for skating, these skates effortlessly blend style and comfort for a truly fashionable ice experience.

The charming light pink hue is both playful and eye-catching, ensuring your doll stands out on the ice. The warm fur trim not only adds a touch of elegance but also keeps your doll's feet snug as they gracefully glide through their skating adventures.

Crafted for 18" dolls, these skates are the perfect addition to any doll's winter wardrobe. Whether your doll is a figure-skating pro or just starting to learn, these Light Pink Ice Skates are designed for both style and performance.

Don't let your doll miss out on the fun – equip them with these stylish skates and watch as they twirl and spin with grace on the ice. Order now and bring a touch of winter wonder to your 18" doll's collection!

Designed to fit 18" dolls.